High quality petrol tank coating and petrol tank sealing at fair prices

wema tankmanufaktur

Our company provides a complete tank rust removal service, including tank coating and tank sealing.

We work with Motorcycle, car and truck tanks (not only for classic vehicles), boat tanks, tanks for farm equipment, stationary generators and much more.

Basically, we work with all tanks made of steel, which have rusted from the inside and caused blocked fuel lines and carburettors.



Our rust removal and tank sealing technique is of exceptionally good quality.

Therefore we guarantee our work for 5 years:

• Thorough petrol tank rust removal *
• quality - petrol tank coating
• permanent petrol tank sealing
• fast processing **
• Fixed prices
• 5 year guarantee

* The rust is removed in a gentle process of grinding - without chemical additives.

** We usually require 5 working days for the rust removal, tank coating and tank sealing.