The Process

To achieve a high quality and long-lasting coating it is essential to thoroughly remove all the rust inside the tank.

That’s why the rust removal takes the longest amount of time in the process. We leave the tank for at least 48 hours on our machines, which take all the rust away by gently grinding it down.

We have specifically developed our own machines and techniques to assure the perfect conditions for applying the 2k-coating afterwards. The metal needs to be completely free of rust, though slightly rough on the surface for the coating to attach perfectly.


Only the right type of coating protects against corrosion

wema tankmanufaktur: gereinigter tank

Years of experience have made us experts in this process. We tried out many different products and finally found the best solution to provide the absolute best result for our clients. Today we are able to provide the optimum coating process for a durable anti-corrosion coating in petrol tanks.

  • We apply a 2-component product of transparent colour, which hardens like 2-component paint, and is highly resistant against the aggressive environment inside the tank.

Special High-pressure procedure

If necessary we will treat tanks that need soldering or welding with a special high pressure coating procedure to insure 100% hermetic sealing.

High capacities guarantee a short turnaround time

Since the process of renovating rusty tanks is nearly always the same, we have managed to let most steps of the process be carried out by machines. The costly investment we have made into our machinery has already paid for itself.

And in July 2010 we put another process line into operation.


5 business days for rust removal and sealing

Since the process is relatively quick, we can offer you a fair price and a rapid high quality service.


Thank you very much ...

Having happy clients is what keeps us going and makes our expansion across Europe possible. 

That’s why we would like to thank all of our clients for their custom!